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Ubiquity Records

????After falling in love with San Francisco on their honeymoon, DJs Jody and Michael McFadin moved up to S.F. from L.A. with the fuzzy dream of starting a record company. They started by opening the Groove Merchant record store on Haight Street in early 1990.
???? Within a year the small shop had an international reputation as the store in which to find rare records and hear new sounds, even earning a mention in the Beastie Boys song "Professor Bootie." Soon after opening the store, the couple launched the Luv N? Haight record label. In '93, the label became Ubiquity, and has since become a wildly successful company with several imprints. Luv N? Haight remains the home for reissues of rare groove gems. CuBop is the label's Latin jazz arm. And Ubiquity releases new music ranging from hip hop to cutting edge club music. The couple chose the name Ubiquity because of their mission to make unheard music ubiquitous. They've done an admirable job of meeting that goal.