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tinyOGRE Entertainment

neither man nor beast -- a creature small in stature characterized by incredible power and a fearless and resourceful nature.

While the music industry as we once knew it continues to undergo seismic shifts, what do a bunch of music fans who haven't given up on the power and value of music do? They find inspiration to create a new model for the modern day music company -- from this, tinyOGRE Entertainment is born.

Our mission is simple. With a core foundation built on trust, transparency and aligned interests -- new fundamentals to the music industry -- tinyOGRE is committed to building true partnerships with artists. tinyOGRE’s collaborative philosophy, long-term view on career development and upfront commitment of resources to our artists nurtures each act’s creative spirit.

Driven by our experienced and industry-leading team, our innovative marketing and artist development strategies, along with our nimble and flexible approach enables our artists to continue to adapt to a dynamic marketplace. As the music business continues to evolve, the time is now for tinyOGRE Entertainment.

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