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Scientific Records

Convinced that it shouldn't take ridiculous amounts of cash to release good music, promoter Adrab started Scientific Records in Boston in 1998, when the band Star Ghost Dog approached him with questions about putting out a new song on seven-inch. Enthusiastic about one of their previous singles, Adrab offered to release the record himself. The band accepted, the song was a college radio hit, and Adrab had himself a record label.

Now run by three partners, Scientific is an artist-friendly label which functions more like a cooperative than a corporation. There are currently three bands on the roster: Star Ghost Dog, Junior Communist Club, and Firing Bullits, all of whom cooperate on each other's projects with the shared philosophy that love of a project will come through in the mix. Scientific calls its sound lo-tech, a fusion of lo-fi and techno that bridges the space between music and technology, but the label is not limited to one style, or even to one medium. They have plans for print, film and Web releases, and Adrab says he and his partners have a master plan that must remain hush-hush...