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Palm Pictures is an integrated audio/visual entertainment company that develops, produces, and acquires the best in music, film, videos, animation, and visual art for distribution across multiple platforms. Founded in 1998 by entertainment visionary Chris Blackwell, Palm is one of the most forward-thinking entertainment companies in the industry today. The company focuses on the DVD format and new digital technologies for music and video production and distribution -- providing consumers with groundbreaking new entertainment experiences.

Palm Pictures is comprised of an array of audio, visual and media businesses that complement each other and provide some of the most compelling entertainment offerings on the market. Palm's audio/music properties include music labels and imprints like Palm, Axiom, Quango, and GobStopper, as well as Palm Music Publishing. Palm's artist roster includes such notables as Zero 7, Local H, Supreme Beings Of Leisure, and 1 Giant Leap. Palm's visual properties include Palm Pictures DVD, Palm Pictures Film & Television, and Manga Entertainment, the leading animation brand in the world. Palm's media properties are incorporated under RES Media Group, which produces the international digital media event RESFEST, publishes RES Magazine, and operates the online sites,, and