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No Mayo Records

San Francisco-based No Mayo just stepped into the hip hop spotlight with the release of The Funky Precedent (in conjunction with Loosegroove Records), a compilation of LA underground hip hop and soulful 'Latinoangeles' sounds hand-picked by executive producer Charles Raggio. A portion of the proceeds from the album will go to benefit music education programs in public schools (K through 12) in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Says Raggio,"The artists on the The Funky Precedent are all currently living and making music around the LA Area, a city reborn by a movement of experimental musical energy. There's a tuning of souls, sounds, and ideas here that is creating new gravities and forcing boundaries outward." No Mayo is also set to debut a line of stylish, affordable clothing for men and women by their in-house designer Monique Prevost. New style, new style, are you ready for this?