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Loosegroove Records

Since 1994, Loosegroove owners Stone Gossard (who you may know as the guitarist for a little band called Pearl Jam) and Regan Hagar have been putting out music from artists they like. And people are listening. What started out as an opportunity to help give bands national distribution opportunities with "independent type" creative controls has turned into a quietly rising indie label.

The past five years have seen Loosegroove on the rise. In 1996, Loosegroove cut their ties with Sony and became fully independent in order to give their eclectic roster more attention. Since the release of albums by the acid-tribal-jazz of Critters Buggin, the Parliament /Sly Stone influenced grooves of Weapon of Choice, and the proto-grunge arena rock of Seattle legends Malfunkshun and Devilhead, the Loosegroove roster has become even more diverse.