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!K7 Records

!K7 Records -- where do you start? The brainchild of Berlin's Horst Weidenmuller, Stud!o K7 first came to fame with its legendary X-MIX DJ mix compilations. Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Ken Ishii, Dave Angel, Kevin Saunderson, and Dave Clarke all lent their skills to this hugely successful series. In '95, Stud!o K7 developed the DJ Kicks compilation series to offer producers and DJs a forum for epic mix albums. To date, leftfield legends such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Smith & Mighty, Rockers Hi-Fi, Andrea Parker, and DJ Cam have contributed to the series. !K7 Records was officially formed in '96 as an artist label for innovative producers such as Terrence Parker, K-Hand, Impulse, and Nick Holder. Meanwhile, Stud!o K7 has significantly broadened its musical scope by signing artists such as Funkstorung, Smith & Mighty, and Terranova. An amazing roster of artists under one roof.