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F Communications

F Communications (or F Com for short) is, without doubt, one of the best electronic labels in France, if not the world. Founded in the early '90s by Eric Morand and Laurent Garnier, the label (named after the the F bumper sticker for France) specialises in soulful techno, quirky ambient, classic house, and more. Ludovic Navarre supplied some of the earliest releases before being snapped up (in his St. Germain guise) by Blue Note. The label has since signed artists Eligia, Juantrip, Scan X, Nova Nova, Jori Hulkonnen, Frederic Galliano, Llorca, Readymade, Aqua Bassino, and A Reminiscent Drive. It is also the label that released the infamous "Flatbeat" by Mr. Oizo, now that must've made them a bob or two.

F Communications -- "Electronic With No Limit."