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Crash Symbols

Crash Symbols began in 2010 on a West Virginia porch while GOBBLE GOBBLE and Jheri Evans crashed at the home of Dwight Pavlovic and Liz Toler. It’s life quickly began with tapes from Hear Hums and Foot Village, following up on the success of Dope Mountain Fuck, the first in its signature series of free “Dope Fuck” mixtapes. At this stage in the label’s life its most consistent complement was “your tapes come shrinkwrapped!?”, but perseverance gained nods from the likes of Wired Magazine and I swear to god we’ve mailed tapes to celebrities. Since 2010, the label has split from its Appalachian roots (Jheri’s hometown is just barely up there with us) and the West Virginia wing is making a new start in San Francisco while Jheri continues creeping back to the east coast. Bear in mind our good intentions and we’ll give you some tapes. Maybe you can play them in your car.