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Carrot Top Records

Patrick Monaghan started Carrot Top in 1992 as a hobby because The Coctails desperately needed to put out a CD but refused to do it themselves. To that point, Monaghan had worked at every level of the record industry (outside of a recording studio) with the exception of a label, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. After the first Coctails CD, they wanted to put out a jazz record and he agreed to release the CD version. Then Poi Dog Pondering moved to Chicago from Austin, and they were labelless, so another project just seemed to fall in his lap, and it's gone that way ever since.

Monaghan only releases music that he really loves, made by people who are not only talented but also honest and sincere. Now the hobby has turned into a real label (more or less), the label has turned into a distributor, CTD, and it has all turned into a real job. Thank goodness.