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Bombay Records

Bombay Records is the latest visionary label to emerge from Montreal, a city that is seemingly soaked in up-and-coming talent. In a relatively short space of time, Bombay has established itself as one of the premier labels on the world house circuit with timeless releases from the likes of Miguel Graca, Derrick Carter and Chris Nazuka, and Roy Davis Jr. Bombay is using these much-lauded single releases as a platform for the production of a mix CD series, put together in conjunction with the legendary Montreal-based venue Stereo. The first DJ to grace this series is the man who custom-designed the sound system at Stereo, Angel Moraes. Bombay also has plans to release mix CDs from the likes of Hector Romero and Mr. Gabrielle himself - Roy Davis Jr. The label also has a healthy artist-development plan in progress for Miguel Graca, as you will see with the video for "Speak My Mind."