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Birdman Records

     "Bring us your wacky, bring us your funky, bring us your demented..." That said, Birdman Records opened its doors for business in 1995. Like its namesake, a fabled hero who wandered the earth giving lucky birds to those deemed worthy, Birdman Records seeks to better the lives of its listeners with music. Thus, the label has become home to an eclectic array of Truth vibrations from all corners of the planet. The legendary Boredoms have found a home at Birdman as have Los Angeles Free Music Society's Tom Recchion, Tom Waits collaborator Ralph Carney, and 93-year-old Mississippi drum and fife bluesman Otha Turner. Former Pogues frontman Shane McGowan and former Tarnation frontwoman Paula Frazer have both entered the Birdman fold. In addition to these artists, Birdman offers a rainbowed-out array of reissues, horror movie soundtracks, and compilations -- all designed to keep the ideas of the Birdman flowing like water from the rock that Moses hit with the stick (ah, and it kept him from reaching the promised land, too).