Piggybacking off my playlist yesterday, Epitonic's new tracks this week were full of the darker, abstract/downtempo electronica I love. Generally I'm not much a fan of moody, depressing music -- and there's no doubt this style has a mood -- but it's far from depressing. Like all computer music, these tracks have a definite electronic sound, but the abstract elements achieved through intriguing textures and sound effects can be mind-bending. You'll find the tracks below fit this bill quite nicely.

It should be noted that just because I'm in a computer music mood doesn't mean Chris Brokaw shouldn't get a roundup shout-out. I realize some of you may rely on the Weekly Roundup for your Epitonic updates, so I must make mention of our exclusive live Epitonic saki Session with Chris that was released Wednesday. Be sure to check it out, right here

My picks:

"Hours" by Tycho: Quite disappointed I didn't know about this guy until a week ago. Mightily happy to know about him now. Thank you Sir Sinkovich! From what I've heard thus far, this track seems to be a bit more on the upbeat side when compared to the rest of Scott Hansen's music, but the Boards of Canada similarities still run deep. This here is perfect for the dark, rainy days when you just want to get lost in your own little world. 

"Fast Challenges" by Chad Valley: Hugo's golden pipes typically dominate his songs (not a bad thing), but here there seems to be more focus put on the mood of the beat with the vocals helping to bring it all along. When the track drops it swiftly changes to more of a dance track, but still maintains its soothing factor. 

"Pure" by Blackbird Blackbird: Chillwave at its finest. "Pure" is part song, part sedative, complete with arpeggiated strings, spaced-out vocals, and glitchy beats all layered over numbing landscapes. If you like Washed Out, you'll like Blackbird Blackbird. Check out this cool short film set to this song.

Honorable Mention:

"Lucky 1" by Avey Tare: Nothing unusual from this AC member, but still a sound that is quite unique to them. Abstract? Yes. Downtempo? Yes. Just a good song overall. 

"Video Games (Sub Swara remix)" by Lana Del Rey: The solo horns at the start misled me when I first heard this song, but when this remix gets going it truly is a beautiful few minutes. The fluttering harp with Lana Del Rey's sexy vocals meld perfectly with Sub Swara's heavy bass and thumping kick.

"Shine" by The Album Leaf: Though much more instrumental than electronic, this song still seems to match the mood I was looking for. I must admit, even though I adore electronic music, the real instruments were refreshing after hearing so many damn drum machines.