Zelienople are a band born of dissatisfaction. They formed in Chicago over 10 years ago when founding members Brian Harding, Matt Christensen and Mike Weis bonded over the bad experiences they all had with former bands playing more traditional rock music. Ever since, they have been earning themselves a reputation for truly beautiful, but restrained ambient folk music.

Over the course of several stellar releases, including their most recent effort for the venerable Type label - the appropriately titled The World Is A House On Fire - Zelienople has established their sound with a quiet force that fits them perfectly. They’ve yet to reach a level of popularity to match some of their contemporaries like Low, but the quality of their output has never wavered, but only grown over time.

Zelienople joined us at saki back in January to play a set comprised mostly of songs from The World Is A House On Fire, but including tracks that date as far back as their first full length, Pajama Avenue. Their music seems perfectly suited to the live recording environment at saki. In fact, their session doesn’t sound that far off from their recorded material! Our unabashed love for this band, and the level of sonic mastery evident in these tracks makes this a truly special Epitonic saki Session.

*If you’re in Chicago and you like what you hear in this session, please join us at The Burlington (3425 W Fullerton) this Saturday for an incredible bill of live music that saki has put together with Zelienople, Radere and Petal. We hope to see you there!*