Chicago is enjoying a flourishing pyschedelic / garage scene right now thanks to a healthy young crop of artists and labels. One of the most exciting new acts born of this scene is the sixtet Secret Colours.  The group debuted with a self-titled LP in 2010, following up with a series EPs, including the latest EP3 recorded by Brian Deck (Red Red Meat, Iron and Wine, Modest Mouse). Secret Colours continues to gain recognition their mishmash, druggy rock and roll.  
Epitonic saki Sessions once again reveals a unique take on a band’s repertoire with Secret Colours performing and recording six tracks without the comfort of a studio, retakes, and overdubs. The result is a raw and revealing set of tracks, unique and every bit as compelling as their recorded work.    

After an initial warm-up and pseudo-soundcheck in the form of Session opener “Jam,” the band reset and refocused the start of their set with the pulsing  “Faust” -- the lead track off EP3. The influence of Jason Pierce’s Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized are immediately recognizable a few lines into “Faust” with the lyric “original sin comes from within.” Yet the breadth of influence further reaches into psychedelia -- both classic and contemporary -- creating something dark, yet palatable and unique.   

The band proves this diversity with an epic ending to their set with the Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western soundtrack inspired “Western” from their debut LP. If you haven’t heard Secret Colours quite yet, we are happy to introduce you to a promising young Chicago band that you are sure to see and hear much more from.

Live Sound: Adam Hirzel
Recording Engineer: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mix: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mastering: Hawon Jung