Santah is one of just a few bands who have played at saki three or more times in the two short years the store has been around. It’s not just because Santah likes to keep busy, finding themselves on solid bills at all the local spots around Chicago in addition to having a few tours under their belt, but also because we freaking love Santah. They kicked off our Record Store Day celebration this past April (co-presented by BV Chicago) with the first performance of the day -- not because they didn’t deserve to headline the event, but because they were, of course, leaving town to play more shows. These guys don’t sleep!

Santah’s 2011 album White Noise Bed is full of punchy, atmospheric folk rock. We didn’t hear any songs from that record during this set, perhaps indicating a new release from Santah in the near future. New record or not, it’s clear they’re not messing with a good thing. These new tracks have only furthered Santah’s tightly packed, reverb-drenched folk and pop sound. If Fleetwood Mac had come after the post-millennial indie-rock boom and claimed Fleet Foxes and The Walkmen as major influences, they probably would have sounded like Santah.

Any band with such a tireless work ethic and devotion to crafting tuneful and engaging pop songs deserves more recognition than Santah has garnered so far. Fortunately, I think we can all rest assured that this band is not slowing down any time soon. We expect a lot more to come from Santah. And if I’m correct in assuming they are working on a new album, you should have a chance to see Santah play near you sometime soon. Until then, enjoy these tracks from Record Store Day 2012 at saki!