Aside from being a hardworking, constantly touring dynamo of a live band (and that’s rare enough) Orca Team also have the fairly unique distinction of showing up for their gigs (which are often in sweaty basements & dive bars) dressed to the nines, like the heroes and villains of a Sean Connery-era Bond movie. Keeping the color scheme to a simple but elegant black and white, their look is classic and simple, but the music incorporates everything great that has come from the indie rock scene in the past 5 years.

These Seattle-ites makes no secret of their love for the bygone days of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Their stripped-down, guitar, bass and drums sound is a pretty clear homage to the Everly Brothers, Del Shannon, and the soundtracks to about a billion wholesome “surf” movies. What really pulls Orca Team ahead of the pack is the elements of post-punk that they inject into their shadowy surf rock. Their rhythm section (which is nearly the whole band) features singer Leif Anders on lead bass and Dwayne Cullen on drums. Their tight interplay could pass for that of a Factory Records band if it weren’t so subdued and drenched in pillowy reverb. In fact, their entire sound is so heavily soaked in echo that’s it a testament to their musicianship that we can even decipher the accomplished riffs underneath it all. Founding member, Jessica B. chimes in with understated guitar flourishes, that give a certain lightness to their songs, which could otherwise come off as dark and morose.

What you come out with in the end is a hell of a rock band. Orca Team have clearly worked very hard at creating an iconic image for their band in their practiced look and sound. Watching them play live you could easily mistake these songs of unrequited love and general heartache for a pity party, but when you see the band members coy glances and crooked smiles on stage, it’s a reminder that Orca Team is really supposed to be fun. Their shows are about creating a mood and pulling the listener into their world of tailored suits and bob haircuts. We think they did a great job of that in their Epitonic saki Session and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!