Jon Lindsay is a songwriter in its truest form, and his band joined us at saki for an afternoon in which they tried out a lot of great new material. Originally from Portland, Jon currently resides in North Carolina and clearly lives for writing, recording, and performing his music.  As Jon explained, he had an ambitious schedule to uphold while on the road, and was heading into the studio to record a lot of these tracks right after our session together.  

Performing as a trio, Jon switched between piano and guitar with a bassist and drummer as accompaniment.  All three in band are clearly well trained as musicians, and Jon crafts songs that tell intriguing stories like most great tracks do.  Jon is particularly strong as a pianist as you can hear from the ballads “Jazz Funeral,” “Big Stage,” and particularly the standouts from the set “My Other Car” and “Anti-Inflammatory.”  After showcasing a number of new tracks ripe for the studio, he concluded the set with the first track from his debut album, 2010’s Escape From Plaza-Midwood entitled “These Are the End Times.”  Enjoy this preview of studio recordings to come and check out more from Jon at his website and his Facebook