My pal Lindsay and I attended the An Horse Epitonic saki Session back in April. For us, the gig was about the up-and-coming artist, but the crowd was a mixed bag. There were people of all ages; some were devoted fans while others were discovering the emerging indie band…and for one guest, it was a bottoms-up kinda night (more on this later).

An Horse, an Australian duo signed to Mom + Pop Records, was in the middle of their tour and you could tell their lack of sleep was putting them in a sort of slapstick state, which made for a more raw and intimate set. They have that punchy sound that results in fits of energy—same as the ones you got as a child while wearing your superhero cape around the neighborhood.   

The pair played their effervescent hit “Dressed Sharply” off 2011’s Walls, instantly drawing the crowd in. Taking it down a notch, they played a slowed down version of “Little Little Little” off 2009’s Rearrange Beds. The deconstructed sound struck a more personal connection with the captivated saki crowd. 

During the show, somehow Lindsay and I end up standing next to Ms. Bernadette, the aforementioned guest. Swilling a 40 of King Cobra, Bernadette was shouting at drummer Damon Cox, informing him of his handsomeness. Guitarist/ vocalist Kate Cooper appeased Bernadette’s musings, mentioning her bandmate was single.  

Shortly after, Bernadette made eye contact with me and asked me to dispose of her King Cobra. I felt I had no choice, found the nearest trashcan, and was greeted with a smooch upon my return. Yes, Bernadette planted one right on me.

(Photos by Nikki, too)

I don’t know if I’ll ever experience something like Bernadette’s love again, but I do know I will be back for some more saki sessions.

Live Sound: Adam Hirzel
Recording Engineer: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mix: Justin Sinkovich
Recording Mastering: Hawon Jung