Moving from LA back to her hometown of Chicago in 2009, Greta Morgan brought her sunny pop sensibilities back with her to form the quintet Gold Motel. The band recorded songs she wrote in California, and released them as the Gold Motel EP. They quickly followed up the EP with their promising debut full-length Summer House in 2010. After supporting their first album on the road, the band returned to the studio to record their second album. A dozen decadently produced pop gems comprise a smart and fun self-titled sophomore LP,  making it the real pay-off from the band so far.

Gold Motel showed up with more stripped down instrumentation for their session. The acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies were accompanied by minimal percussion and keyboards. There is a little bit of chatter from the crowd in the room microphones, a potential hazard hosting these sessions publicly in such an intimate yet relaxed setting. Regardless these recordings are still a great sounding alternate renditions of Gold Motel’s latest work.