Since the release of 2012’s Fear Fun, singer/songwriter J.Tillman has had one hell of a year. From touring nationally to gaining stellar reviews on his latest release under the pseudonym Father John Misty, Tillman has composed an album that’s as engaging as it is entertaining. After listening to the album on repeat for months, we were ecstatic to have him visit us on the Epitonic saki Sessions stage. 

Along with his bandmates, this charming fellow joined us for one of our greatest sessions yet. When he wasn’t performing songs like “I’m Writing a Novel” and “Well, You Can Do It Without Me” Tillman and his fellow bandmates found time to entertain the crowd with plenty of witty banter. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourselves! 

Want to see Father John Misty live in action? You can catch them at a venue near you while they finish touring in the US, Canada, and Australia. For everyone else, we’ve brought the show to you. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Father John Misty. 

Video shot by Andy Alguire, Jamieson Mullholand, and Julia Luckenbill
Video editing by Andy Alguire
Audio recorded by Matt Irizzarry
Audio mix and mastering by Justin Sinkovich