Brother George are a rather enigmatic rock group with a cryptic biography that begins with “Raised on mars, the land of fine spices; Developed an allergy to martian milk...” You get the idea... and the information becoming no less abstract as it continues. There is not much else online besides some grainy band photos and a steady stream of news touting their happenings, and the news of their fellow Chicago locals.  Where they may not have crafted their online identity, they have clearly spent that time developing a sound.

And so they seem to let 2012’s debut album ‘Big Piney’ and its prefacing EP ‘Piney’ do the talking for them.  On these releases, Brother George commands a mixture of styles ranging from modern alternative, to classic psychedelic, to a twinge of glam. They brought this sound into saki to record their session, and also to celebrate the end of the line for the Chirp Radio Record Crawl (

The result was a set of six tracks from their ‘Big Piney’ release.  In fact, the first three tracks from the session are the same three tracks at the beginning of their album. Brother George proudly brought a really large sound into our intimate space, but we seemed to capture it quite well here for you to enjoy.

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