Back in March, Epitonic and saki curated a weekend of Sessions to celebrate the one year anniversary of relaunching our site. The three day run included performances by Laura Gibson, A Light Sleeper, Legit, The GTW, and Lili K, with Chicago's own Brontosaurus headlining on an unusually warm Saturday. 

Brontosaurus' Nicholas Papaleo and Nicholas Kelley took to the stage that evening, quickly offering up their hospitality in the form of earplugs ("You'll need them," they assured. "We get loud.") and some pretty incredible buttons made by Kelley. It's fair to say they won the crowd over before they even started playing. The duo was nothing short of impressive as they swapped instruments -- often -- while both belting out vocals in every song. It was nothing short of amazing to watch all those limbs constantly in motion, and yet Brontosaurus doesn't miss a beat. 

That Saturday saw Papaleo and Kelley recreate nearly all of 2011's Cold Comes to Claim -- Bronto's first record which was partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. Closing out the night was a personal favorite of mine, "Mouths Move," which happens to be their 2011 debut's closer as well. The eight minute epic perfectly emits everything the pair is capable of. The continuos start/ stop dynamics keep you guessing from start to finish as the two alternate between calm and thrashing with dueling vocals, guitars, organs, drums, and just about anything else the two Nicholas' can get their hands on. Play loud and enjoy.