An Aesthetic Anesthetic screams Chicago rock. They scream it right into the pick ups of their guitars. That is the most you will get vocally from this melodic instrumental four piece. Since the release of their last album called Names, put out by Artistic Integrity records, the band has been touring and playing shows in a DIY effort to promote the album.

Musically, this band has no limits.  They will take you through a wide range of feelings and tempo changes which keeps you curious as to what their next move is.  They start with catchy melodies and then drop a heavy guitar driven breakdown on you.  Without vocals to worry about basic song structure, they are free to do anything they want with their instruments.

To top off their high energy music, The band has a high energy live show. It is easy to see that these guys love playing their music. It is almost as if the band is in their own world when they play and it doesn’t  matter if it is on at stage, in their practice space or on the floors of Saki.

More music and information at the Bandcamp Page.

(Picture from courtesy of AAA's Facebook page)