For most modern artists, a fundamental of success is communication. Maintaining a social media presence is the least you can do; sharing tour stories, studio updates, photos, etc. Those with some gumption can step it up a notch and create an app for mobile devices. For cheap or free you can find a website that lets you pop a few details about your band into a spreadsheet and generate a cookie cutter app. It's effective, but lacks pizzazz. For those with a modest budget or friends in high places you can have a totally custom platform designed. That's exactly what Epitonic label alums Autumn Owls recently did with the release of their free iOS app. 

The universal iOS app, which was created by Jeff Longshore, was built from the ground up for iPhone, iPad and iPod, to show off the Irish indie rock band's new acoustic album, The Long Way Around. The artwork was designed with inspiration from vintage amplifiers and effects pedals. The layout is embellished with plenty of tweed, brushed steel, and masking tape; everything you would expect to find on-stage or in a studio. In addition to the 12 tracks from the acoustic album, there are also three tracks from 2012's Between Buildings, Toward The Sea. All the features you would expect from an artist website are present, including the band's blog, twitter, tour dates (with interactive map), videos and photo feeds and a built-in merch store.

Autumn Owls plan on using the app as a direct gateway to fans, sharing new videos, demos, tour dates, advance ticket sales and more. In addition to The Long Way Around being bundled in the app, Autumn Owls have been giving away two free tracks a week at different websites. This week we're premiering two tracks, "Patterns" and "Byways of the Lifeless" which you can stream or download below with some other tracks available on the app.