***another update***
i'm just being lame now with these updates. i'm really busy though, mostly with awranglin' up good music. below is a taste. oh, and i can hear fine but can't go to shows- hurts.

***update: i can hear pretty well now- it still hurts like a mother tho***

***wait, update number two- Nutron is getting married this weekend! Our founding father is hitchin' up. We wish him the best of luck. i can't get to the wedding, my ear has put me in a no fly zone***

i burst one of my ear drums last week by diving into a pool sideways and smacking my ear on the surface of the water. the pressure put a pretty decent hole in the ear drum, enough to warrant quite the exclamation from my new ear specialist. so i've been in a remarkable amount of pain and haven't been able to hear very well or listen to music. it's been frustrating and tedious, and i've been pretty socially inept. i encourage you all to cherish your hearing and savor the tracks below - kick out the jams, b/c i can't quite yet!