Desert Island Discs

My man in the sky, the one and only Zeus, put together a collection of his Desert Island Discs this week, which inspired me to do the same myself. And so, without further ado, here they are:

The Beatles, Revolver
David Bowie, Scary Monsters and Low
The Clash, London Calling
Miles Davis, In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew
Delmore Brothers, Brown's Ferry Blues
Nick Drake, Pink Moon
Bob Dylan, Desire
Richard and Mimi Fari?a, Reflections in a Crystal Wind
The Flaming Lips, The Soft Bulletin
Galaxie 500, This Is Our Music
PJ Harvey, 4-Track Demos
The Kinks, The Village Green Preservation Society
My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane over the Sea
Nirvana, MTV Unplugged in New York
Sinead O'Connor, The Lion and the Cobra
Otis Redding, Otis Blue
The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers
Nina Simone, The Blues
Sly and the Family Stone, Stand!
Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
Television, Marquee Moon
Hank Williams, 40 Greatest Hits
Townes Van Zandt, For the Sake of the Song
The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground (3rd album)
Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere and Harvest

So much other stuff, but I guess that's all I'll be able to carry....Anyway, here's some other stuff that's pretty damn good: