Here's what's taken up residence on or nearby my turntable as of late. These are some absolutely fantastic albums which I would recommend purchasing as soon as possible.

Badfinger, No Dice: Aside from having possibly the coolest album cover of all time (this picture doesn't even tell the whole story because you get her lower half on the other side of the fold), No Dice features a dozen of the finest pure power-pop tunes ever set to wax. This band is possibly the most tragic story in rock history, as years of financial and professional crises ultimately led both of their primary songwriters to hang themselves. Their music was amazing, though.

Herbie Hancock, M'Wandishi: One of the great Herbie records. I don't even pretend to understand what's going on on this album, but its deep space explorations are fascinating to listen to. One great fusion records ever. His sextet recorded this in 1970 -- or a year after Hancock was playing with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew and In a Silent Way.

Jimmy Cliff, Follow My Mind. From 1976, and as earthy as the Herbie Hancock album is spacey. Simple, enjoyable pop reggae.

Spaceheads, Low Pressure. Their newest album. Not jazz, not electronic, somewhere in between. Deep, sinuous grooves, scary textures, elemental and emotional instrumentation, skittery glitchy textures. An incredibly successful and fairly unclassifiable combination.