Here's to 425 2nd Ave. Here's to the beer policy. Here's to the beanbags. Here's to the Giants and Pac Bell Park. Here's to Walther -- everything about Walther. Here's to rocking out to the Misfits from the mp3 library. Here's to Terry telling Lynn he would "suck the engineers' dicks." Here's to "teabagging." Here's to Darkitecht. Here's to Juju -- did anyone ever get away with doing less work? Here's to that amazing roof -- cold though. Here's to those ridiculous red walls (chosen to be least offensive to those with hangovers). Here's to Jeanne's fondness for PandaCam. Here's to bottles of "GHB" mysteriously hurled at computers. Here's to going to see the first X-Men movie. Here's to lunch at Yerba Buena. Here's to that lunch spot Ralph's and the carrots they gave you with your sandwich. Here's to everyone heading out to the beach on that record-setting 103 degree day and me burning my feet. Here's to everyone -- even Aaron -- downing shots of whiskey at one of those parties. Here's to Colette breaking her teeth and turning all vampire like on Ecstasy. Here's to Atombombshoppingcart. Here's to Roger the cat from the Shotwell days (also briefly known as Encoder 2). Here's to Encoder 1 -- may she rest in peace! Here's to Ye Olde Git. Here's to the cult of the Mac. Here's to lunch decisions in the Mission...long live Cancun! Here's to rolling blackouts. Here's to standing behind Aaron doing his funky dance at the Dolores Park Fugazi show. Here's to my friend's crazy hillbilly friend bowling a ball at Aaron's ankles just as he bowled...a strike (long live Japantown Bowl)! Here's to Aaron's music loop -- what was it? Portishead, Bjork, Garbage...Here's to Noel -- everything about Noel. Here's to pool at the Shotwell. Here's to fingerless gloves and space heaters. Here, for what it's worth, is to coming back from the grave.