It's become de rigueur for bloggers and sources for music news and journalism to up the ante on list-making and make "best of" lists when the year is only half over. I've seen quite a few "Best of 2011...thus far" floating around on the internet -- and while the motivation is undoubtedly couched in clicks and Google Rankings and other SEO madness, I'm a person who enjoys reflecting on events, taking stock of what's happened and what got us to the point we're at. It's why it takes me forever to fall asleep at night, and why this gratuitous list-making doesn't annoy me all that much. Also, trying to remember, process, and rank a year's worth of music is a stressful and overwhelming task (at least for an indecisive person like myself), and narrowing it down to six months' worth seems much more manageable.

I don't know that these are my ultimate, written-in-stone ten favorite songs of 2011 thus far -- but they're definitely ten of my favorites that we've posted on Epitonic this year, and I'm pretty sure all of these artists will be making an appearance on my "best of" list come December.