To a great degree, my enjoyment of music is weather-dependent. At the risk of making myself sound like a parakeet who thinks it's nighttime as soon as you drop a sheet over its cage, I can go from loving a song to immediately skipping to the next option if the temperature happens to drop or the sun disappears behind a cloud or I see a few drops of rain fall on the pavement.

Now that Chicago's Awful Season is (in fits and false starts) yielding way to Let's Be Outside All the Time Season, I find myself drawn to mid-tempo, mostly acoustic tunes. If a song fitting those criteria also manages to sound a little wistful and nostalgic, all the better. Spring (and, in Chicago's case, nice weather in general) is a quick season, a brief respite between bitter cold and unbearable heat. That being the case, melodies that sound temperate and sunny but maintain a melancholy undercurrent seem an apt fit for the season's ephemeral nature. These are ten songs I find myself playing time and again these days, music that (to me) makes a great match for the first tentative days of spring.