I honestly don’t think I’d be as interested in music or have absorbed so much of it if I didn’t engage in a lot of aimless movement. I have a rich and varied history of difficulties sitting still and being unable to pay attention to one thing for very long, qualities I always hope come off as “charmingly energetic” and not “Anxiety McGee” (full disclosure: somewhere between the two extremes, leaning towards the McGee end of the spectrum).

For me, the ability to move around while listening trumps any audiophile tendencies I might have. I’ve always privileged mobility over the luxury of sitting and absorbing. I've never owned a high-end stereo system, but you best believe I got a Walkman as soon as my allowance allowed me to and eagerly upgraded to the latest mobile listening device each time a new thing came out, no matter how ridiculous (up top, former mini-disc player owners!). A driver’s license set me free, and now I live in a place where I have an excuse to walk everywhere and sidewalks that (slightly) lessen my chance of getting run down while doing so.

My lifelong love of music started because of restlessness, so in tribute to my fidgety roots, here are a few songs I fondly recall using to soundtrack many runs, drives, and strolls.