I finally made my way through the entirety of Party Down, and aside from being hilarious and endlessly quotable and permanently cementing my tender love and affection for Adam Scott, the show fills an important cultural gap. More than any other TV show, movie, play, etc. in recent memory, Party Down accurately captures how weird and painful (and occasionally rewarding) it is to pursue a career trying to do what you love.

"Are we having fun yet?!" is so much more than a cheap writers' trick to get the show to stick with you long after you've finished the final episode; it's what you say to yourself when you leave your job to go to work at your other job, when you wonder if trying to turn your passion into your career will make you hate what you previously loved, when you're concerned that the hours of extra effort aren't actually getting you anywhere.

For serious real, watch this show if you haven't already. GOLD.