In the words of Motion City Soundtrack, "the future freaks me out." That line could be the tagline for my last few weeks, but those straightforward lyrics undoubtedly resonate with anyone who has worried about anything. It's normal to be afraid of the unknown. Being uneasy about what we're unsure of is simply human. Even though it's not a complex line, it still carries a vast variety of meanings. It could refer to the woes of every day: A meeting you're dreading, a person you can't look in the eye, a nagging chore. The anticipation of interactions that will only last a few minutes can cause a week of stress. We're all familiar with less-immediate worries, like finding jobs and paying your bills. Everyone I know is trying to find a place to fit in the "real world." We call it job hunting, but what we're hunting for is a direction in our lives. Is that something employment can even satisfy? The future freaks me out. Next thing you know we're into the universal questions. Where are we going as a society? As a race? The questions keep getting broader and the answers become less obvious until it's too much to comprehend. When it all starts seeming too big is where I can finally start to find comfort in this cloud of unknowing. Nobody knows what's going to happen. Instead of fretting over what could go wrong, I've been trying to appreciate that there's no right answer. Try to take comfort in tomorrow being completely undetermined rather than thinking through the "could-bes." The future freaks me out, but a lot less so when I realize it freaks everyone out.