Yesterday we had an article about the aging process, and mine happens to follow a similar thread. Maybe it's something about this time of year that gets us reminiscent. Traveling back home for the holidays, seeing family you haven't talked to in months, all of it can throw you back to when you were young. Another thing that is guaranteed to send me on a nostalgia trip is finding objects that I associate with childhood. Sometimes an action figure or a certain stuffed animal will remind you of who you were when you were 10, but just recently I found the magic that is hidden in my GameBoy Color. Feeling the click of its on switch, seeing "GameBoy" splayed across the 2-inch screen and hearing the accompanying intro chime is like stepping into a time machine set for 1999. Running around in the first cities of Pokemon Blue is like revisiting a place I grew up in, but everything is still exactly how I remember it. Seeing old high scores feels like stumbling upon old trophies, but I'm able to compete in the same competitions all over again. Certain things make me feel like a kid again, but flipping that GameBoy on was truly like getting sent back in time. Do yourself a favor and go dig up some old video games.