I'd like to preface this paragraph by saying that I'm not against Valentine's Day. Shake your fist and call it a "day based around consumerism" all you want, I think it's cool to have a holiday dedicated to your significant other. It doesn't have to be about buying things, you make it whatever you want it to be. If you're single, V-Day becomes any holiday your brain can muster up. Game-Of-Thrones-marathon-with-Chinese-food-and-too-much-beer Day? Why not? Nobody is even going to tell you to put pants on.

My only complaint about Valentine's Day is that there isn't an equivalent of it for friends. I'm not suggesting you go buy your buddies flowers and chocolates, I'm just imagining a world with a day set aside for your hombres. There'd be no tree to set up or family to coordinate with, simply you celebrating however you see fit with whoever you want. It's easy to lose touch with friends you don't see often, or to lose appreciation for the friends you see all the time. Same goes with family and romantic relationships. Holidays are meant to bring people together, so why shouldn't we have one for our homies too? Just a thought. I guess Superbowl Sunday will have to do for the time being.