Even if you don't like going to them, music festival line-ups can strike jealousy into any music fan. Having a handful of your favorite bands play next to one and other, combined with the aspect of hearing many artists you've never seen before makes festivals a unique and exciting experience. Festivals are also unique because they generate heated music discussions around the internet for weeks. These conversations are generally negative, focused around what headliners shouldn't have been picked and what artists they forgot to invite. Sometimes, the planets will align, and an announced festival will miraculously please the internet masses. Sasquatch Music Festival was announced a few days ago, and they managed to make that miracle happen. From folk, to rock, to hip-hop, they have a huge amount of great artists. And these aren't just the artists you'd expect to see at a festival: There were some great surprise musicians that I'd never guess would play in the same place. I might have to get myself a ticket. In honor of Sasquatch, here are some of my favorite tunes from artists featured at the festival.