Winter brings about a humbling duality that we forget about during warmer months. For a portion of the year, our everyday lives are noticeably divided between contentment and discomfort. Some of the time we enjoy the luxuries that come with living in the 21st century, like sitting in heated homes with electric blankets and instant hot chocolate. We'll get in our PJs and merrily spend hours hunkered down watching Netflix. We refer to it as "the holiday season" and fondly reminisce of it in the heat of July. The reason for this excessive comfort happens to also be what we're hiding from: the true face of Winter. If you take one peek through a crack in the blinds, you'll see its dull grey eyes staring right back at you. After the first brave step outside, a ten minute walk turns into an eternity of bitter cold and howling wind. The freezing air seems to get under your skin, and consumes every thought. Any time spent outdoors drags on longer than the season itself. But soon the electric blanket will be plugged in once again, and eventually winter will also make way for spring. The freezing-cold might not be pleasant, but without it that electric blanket wouldn't feel nearly as warm.