During this time of year in the United States it's easy for the general population to turn against each other. The last thing we need when everyone is in the depths of their winter-rut is nation wide competitions to divide us, and these months are full of them. Academy Award season brings the opportunity to be overly critical about movie preferences of strangers and friends. As the NBA All-Star game approaches, the number of people willing to tell you why your favorite player sucks seems to increase. I'm sure many of you are aware that the biggest divider of them all is just a few days away: The Super Bowl. Bested by only the Presidential election, there's nothing besides the Super Bowl that will make millions of Americans suddenly passionate about something they didn't have any interest in the week before. Everyone is taking sides like there's a war on, even if they have no interest in the NFL. The thrill of picking the winning team can be fun, but we have to make sure it doesn't overshadow true reason we enjoy events like the Super Bowl. Win or lose, it's really all about getting together and eating and drinking too much. Whether you're at a bar, a house party, or just watching it with some buddies, everyone is there to have a fun shared experience. This year, instead of cussing out someone in a different jersey, appreciate that we're actually all on the same team: Team "watch football and eat hot wings." Enjoy the game.