A few years ago around this time of year I caught the flu; my temperature was 103 and rising. I began to hallucinate and was brought to the hospital. All I could do was focus on the idea that everything was double. We have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, two feet... and on and on. I became obsessed with the challenge to count past two. Crazy. 
Unfortunately, the hospital bed which I was staying was on the 2nd floor in room 222, with two beds and two bathrooms. 
I was stuck! 
Eventually my fever subsided-- and as I was on the mend watching day-time television, the 'Oprah Show' came on-- "The Power of Three!" She screamed to an exuberant audience. 
Who knows what she was talking about, and who cares? All I know is that since then I have overcome my feverish obsession and paralysis of counting to two with the help of who else but the big "O." 
Never underestimate the power of numbers... or Oprah Winfrey.