I am very close with my soon-to-be three-decade old brother, Phillip, and he just so happens to be an extremely talented and creative individual. I thought today I would share a short poem with a great message he wrote as part of his collection of children's stories. Check more of them out here.

words are words are words are real
and words can harm or words can heal
and words can share just how you feel
or describe the tricks of a circus seal

words are words are pretty things
they leap from your tongue when your heart sings
match the song when it plays on your heart strings
and we all enjoy the joy that brings

words are words and words are strong,
words can change who gets along,
or make you feel like you don't belong,
when words are words are words are wrong.

words are words are bigger still
than a castle or a paper-mill
for without words we couldn't build
for building plans are all word-filled.

words are words are letters too
just twenty-six, arranged by you
a mixed and messed-up alphabet stew
to share the thoughts your brain can spew

and words are words and words can play
but words can hurt in the same way
be careful with your words today
there is strength in every one you say