I think it's quite obvious I love music. Few things excite me more than discovering a new artist whose album is actually worth buying. One of those few things, however, is music that takes my mind back to a specific place in time. I have a friend who will soon be traveling across Europe for the first time and my biggest piece of advice was to pick a few albums he has not yet listened to, and listen to said albums in specific places. Let those albums work as a bookmark to an amazing memory. Modest Mouse, for instance, will forever take me back to my time spent in Europe. I was with some great friends who I rarely get to see, having one of the greatest times of my life, and now, every time Modest Mouse comes on, my mind instantly jumps to a happy place (think Happy Gilmore).

So, I'll leave you with the same advice I gave him. Pick an album, plan a trip, and prepare to let that album forever hold a special place in your heart.