I know I'm way behind on this, but if you happen to be further behind than I am, might I suggest you start enjoying yourself some podcasts.

In a little over two weeks of really taking advantage of the numerous podcasts out there, I'm beginning to sense a shift in my life away from everything else. Great news analysts? Check. Hilarious comedians speaking about current events? Check. The newest and coolest music? Most definitely a check.

From fairly high production video podcasts, like NPR's Tiny Desk Series, to the cheapest production, audio only podcasts, like Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast - he's by himself, no audience, no guests, no background noise - there is something for everyone.

If you're open to suggestions, the Resident Advisor is great for an hour of some of the best underground house and techno, the monthly Hype Machine Podcast will keep you up to date with tons of up and coming artists, and the Chillout Lounge Mix is sure to give you an hour of pure relaxation.