This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting Lincoln Hall to take in the sights and sounds of Hooray For Earth and Architecture In Helsinki. The show was engaging and lively, with both bands bringing something unique to the stage.

The opener, Hooray For Earth, a young and upcoming band from NYC, successfully found ways to mix psych-rock, folk-rock, dance-rock and hard-rock all into one performance. Aside from some overly powerful reverb, Hooray For Earth was very exciting, and clearly is a band on the verge of taking a big step into indie stardom in 2011.

As for Architecture In Helsinki, the Aussie 6-piece that took that same step in 2005 with their release of In Case We Die, it was truly an uplifting performance. Dance-y synth melodies and funky bass lines were met with harmonically layered vocals and even synchronized dance moves. It's evident Architecture In Helsinki has hit their stride with their latest release, Moment Bends.

This evening the two will be performing in Hooray For Earth's hometown of NYC, and only have two more stops remaining on their tour after that: DC and Philly. I can only hope that those in the DC and Philly area will see this in time, as this is a show that will make your weekend. It certainly made mine. The playlist below is full of tracks similar to these two artists -- indie-pop/rock that is sure to put you on your feet.