Beyond highlight reels, I never saw the man play, but for me, when a Michigan State Spartan legend passes, they must be recognized. Yesterday saw the loss of All-Pro NFL lineman and comedic actor Charles Aaron "Bubba" Smith. At Michigan State, Bubba twice achieved All-America status and was an integral part of the "Game of the Century" (a 10-10 tie against Notre Dame). In 1967 he was selected first overall in the NFL draft and went on to wreak havoc on quarterbacks for nine seasons, including one Super Bowl Championship. His acting career took off after his playing career, starring in every Police Academy film, among many others, and representing Miller Lite in some commercials. Bubba has remained a legend at Michigan State and will be sorely missed.

*These ten tracks are in no way related to Bubba, but it does say "Bubba Smith" vertically ;-)