One of the greatest privilages of being a part of Epitonic is having access to a special email account full of legal, free tracks sent from all over the music industry. Quite some time ago (and I don't exactly recall how it happened), I came across Ghost Beach via Sneak Attack Media.

Ghost Beach is Josh Ocean and Eric 'Doc' Mendelsohn from New York, New York. Their latest release, Modern Tongues EP (one of only two EPs), was released in October on Josh's own label Crazy Heart Records. Per Tim Osbourne of Obscure Sound, "Ghost Beach are seductively good, with endless factors shaping their sound. In parts it sounds like synth-laden '80s pop, and on other resembles a punk-rock vibe with lengthy guitar solos".

The band currently has a few dates lined up on the east coast, but will hopefully be making it to Chicago before too long. In the meantime, they decided to browse the site and pick out their ten favorite tracks to share with you. So, enjoy their favorites, then jump over to the Epicenter and have a listen to a couple of their own.

...Also, they released a track with Viceroy, it's fun, you can listen to it right here.