It's interesting how vastly and quickly the style of music I prefer changes. I pride myself in listening to a wide array of genres and I truly love lots of different music. As much as I love various forms of music, though, I still find myself going on extended periods of listening to mainly one genre.

The last few months were full of psychedelic indie pop/rock with groups like the birD day and Sun Airway getting the most ear time. Before that, I just wanted my headphones to make me move and was set on the likes of Com Truise and The Juan Maclean.

Today, and likely for the foreseeable future, I am a sucker for dark, downtempo, abstract electronica. Bands below like Shlohmo and Memotone fit the bill to a tee. My recent binge on this style has also led me to a number of brilliant soundtracks that fall under this category. If you find yourself intrigued with what's below, be sure to check out Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross' Oscar-winning soundtrack for The Social Network as well as pretty much any work by Cliff Martinez or Clint Mansell.

Over and out.