I flew down to Florida this past weekend to surprise my Mom for the big six-o. As part of the celebration, we got tickets to go to Cirque Du Soleil in St. Petersburg.

First off, the show was fantastic. I'll admit, if you don't like clowns, this version may have not been for you, but I thought they were hysterical. Obviously, the most incredible part was the pure athleticism the performers had to offer. Athleticism to the point of not even thinking the things they were doing were possible. But it was, apparently.

As a result of their outrageous abilities, I couldn't help but think how Cirque Du Soleil "Help Wanted" ads would read...

Can you bend over backward and lick the skin behind your knee? Join Cirque Du Soleil!

Can you balance on fishing line, barefoot, 100 feet in the air, and proceed to sword fight against someone else doing the same thing? Join Cirque Du Soleil!

Can you balance on your head, on top of someone's feet, on top of someone's head? Join Cirque Du Soliel!

I think you get the picture.