Nope. Not a bust.

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, iTunes has been streaming Jack White's upcoming album Blunderbuss. Curious as I was, I decided to have a listen and jot down some (extremely brief) notes. So, through one listen, here's what came to my mind:

Missing Pieces: The opening track sounds a bit like a White Stripes/Beck concoction, making for a tasty musical beverage, with a bite.

Sometimes someone controls everything about you, and when they tell you that they just can't live with you, they ain't lyin', they'll take pieces of you

Sixteen Saltines:
Quite the change from Missing Pieces. Sounds like Jack's letting out a little anger here.

Who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous who's jealous of who? If I get busy then I couldn't care less what you do, but when I'm by myself I think of nothing else, than if a boy just might be getting through and touching you

Freedom At 21:
Jack is almost rapping in this song, almost. A lot of attitude here.

Cut off the bottoms of my feet, make me walk on salt, take me down to the police, charge me with assault, a smile on her face, she does what she wants to me

Love Interruption:
Some passionate words from Jack in this folky duet with Ruby Amanfu.

I want love to roll me over slowly, stick a knife inside me, and twist it all around. I want love to grab my fingers gently, slam them in a doorway, put my face into the ground

The title track is a delightfully charming song over top a beautiful strings with a country twang.

I laid you down and touched you like the two of us both needed, safe to say that others might not approve of this and pleaded, so selfish them would be there crying, who would be brave to argue, doing what two people need is never on the menu

Hypocritical Kiss:
The one-two punch of Blunderbuss and Hypocritical Kiss had me in a daze. Both are extremely soothing, in a rock & roll kind of way.

You're the boy that talks but says nothin', a big game to the ones that you think will believe you

Weep Themselves To Sleep:
This song just adds more contrast to an album that has already explored a multitude of genres. I really enjoy the presence of the piano (which I imagine looks a bit like the one at saki) throughout the album.

Nobody knows just how it goes, to show that the villain will play the victim, the kings can check the reigns, and deem the knives of brains that mean to kill them

I'm Shakin':
Jack really draws some influence from the Detroit MoTown sound here. If us fans were cool, we'd all boogie to this song at his concerts.

Yeah when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk, I got a knockin' in my dizzard, a wobble in my walk, and I'm tremblin', that's right, you got my shakin'

Trash Tongue Talker:
Drummer boy intro into rock piano. Enter Jack White 50's rock & roll vocals and a hip-hop drum beat and we have another track mixing elements of many styles. The bluegrassy piano solo is a nice touch, too.

Two monkeys jumping on the bed and one fell off and hit his head on the ground, the other monkey called the doctor said another body dead on the ground

Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy:
I'm a sucker for the ukulele and the swing to this song has me sold.

And that's the name of the game, keep on stayin' the same, ain't nobody to blame, nobody but the poor boy, the poor boy

I Guess I Should Go To Sleep:
Everyone should learn these lyrics and this should become to new campfire song. You'll know what I mean when it gets to the solo vocals at the end.

I guess I should go to sleep, too hard standin' on my own two feet, been walkin' too long on a dead end street, I guess I should go to sleep

On And On And On:
More country twang, more rock organ, and a pungent standing bass. This is a calmer song with a smooth flow.

The sun and the moon never change, they just rearrange, but not in the new day. Gold exchanges for silver, and a light on the river gets carried away

Take Me With You When You Go:
What starts as a mildly progressive blues/jazz track, with some beautifully creepy vocal harmonies, transitions midway through into a badass dance-rock song. Without listening back, this is my favorite on the album.

Take me anywhere you go, I've got nothin' here but me, babe, take me with you when you go