In 2007, I made a trip to Athens, GA as I was interested in visiting the University of Georgia campus. I've not been back since, but the southern charm and nifty downtown left a lasting impression. It's a beautiful town with beautiful people, beautiful weather, and an endless amount of bars and taverns -- 97 to be exact, so not endless, but seriously, that's a lot for smallish city. I was aware of the history of the music scene in Athens, listening to the B-52s as a kid and the Elephant 6 Collective as teenager, but was still blown away. Music's presence in Athens was obvious everywhere you walked with venues lining the streets and gig posters pinned from head to toe.

Aware of the scene, 17 year old me wanted to take advantage, so fake ID and all, I headed to the famous 40 Watt Club to check out Camera Obscura and Marshmallow Coast. I had been to plenty of concerts before this, but resting against the stage watching Camera Obscura's heart-wrenching grooves at a famous venue made me feel (cue Larry David voice) pretttttttty pretttttttty pretttty cool for a 17 year old. As cool as it was, I'm still jealous of those who saw some of the Pelican City (Danger Mouse's trip-hop moniker) sets in the 90's, or Elephant 6 Collective shows with groups like Neutral Milk Hotel and Elf Power.